Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boys say NO too!

Preetham was early to home that friday evening. It was not unusual of him. But instead of finding his wife Seema welcoming him, he found a young lady waiting for his wife Seema and watching the movie Wake Up Sid. The scene being played was the one where Ayesha rejects Sid's proposal in a cool manner, "I think this will hurt you... But You are immature and childish..You are just a kid... You are the wrong profile for me..."
Preetham tried to start the conversation taking this topic, "The girls can so easily be cruel when it comes to rejecting a boy's proposal... " The lady turned towards Preetham and answered sternly without even introducing herself, "Its not only the fairer sex that rejects. You Guys do that too and that hurts too..."
Preetham was not willing to agree easily, "Its only ladies who reject proposals without any emotions. Men have a sensitive mind that very well understands a woman's heart"

That really pissed off the lady, but she maintained her composure,"I need to put my own life story to make you understand. But I do feel You are just arguing for the sake of argument..." But the lady started her story, "In DDLJ, Simran met her first love in a train. But I was not that lucky. My first love happened in a public transport system and that too a jam packed bus. He used to commute in the same bus and I used to hold the books for him. He gave me a look that told me he desired me. But some days later, he stopped handing me the books for custody and he didn't cross the foot board too. I made up my mind and declared my love..." And then the lady sarcastically remarked, "the guy with the sensitive mind rejected giving a sensible reason, 'You are my best friend's sister. I don't want to hurt my friend'" Preetham found a positive note, "I think you are lucky... He seemed a gay who liked your brother more than you."

That brought a smile on the lady's face as she told her further rejected proposals, "Then I went for graduation. Till then, I thought cell phone was meant for communication. Then I learn t that in the hands of youngsters, its real use is giving missed calls, messaging sweet nothings and playing pranks. I too played mischief with this good looking, studious guy. And without myself knowing, I fell in love once again. Strange was the guy as he told me that he needed a day's time to think about it. I never even in my dreams thought that he would send his mother to me. She brought the religion issue and begged me to forget her son. I replied her 'Like a kangaroo, carry your son everywhere in the pouch'. Some guys, no matter how old they are, they always remain mamma's boys" Preetham remembered how his wife teased him using that word.

Not waiting for Preetham to react, the lady continued "But this heart never gives up. A hope is always there. And When I meet this guy online, he gave me the feeling two hearts can be one, even if lips don't lock themselves together or there is no holding of hands together. That's when I came to know that mind is a more erotic organ. I proposed to him, 'I don't want to be friends.. I have already been in love.. So, Marry Me' But he ridiculed about it and I decided to make him feel my absence for some days. But that ego proved costly as he tried to do something stupid like taking his own life in my absence. Later he realized that relationships are just illusions and life is not just about love. He has not forgotten me, But he doesn't want to be further attached to me. A good boy was snatched from me...."

Preetham had lots of questions to ask on this one, but he tried to console her, "When GOD takes away somethng from ur hand, dont think he is punishing u..he is merely emptying ur hand for u to receive something better!!" But the girl was getting emotional and his wife made her entry and questioned her husband seeing the girl's eyes wet, "What have you done to my good friend?" The lady excused herself, "Nothing. I was revisiting the memory lane and it brought tears." Seema immediately introduced her friend to her husband, "By the way, She is Simran, she writes for the local magazine...." Simran remembered the purpose of her visit, "I was doing a article on Platonic relationship with men and I came to talk on this one..." and she continued, "I have come to the conclusion, Its kind of difficult to have a platonic relationship with men. All of them would have some kind of interest in the woman they befriend..." and after a pause she continued, "Even Happily married men too. What do you say?"


Priya Joyce said...

ahahaha lol @ the last line...I guess seema needs to be alert :P

abt rejection I'd just say it depends on people rater than gender..both reject..but yeh gals reject more.the main cause is gals expect real love...n not all guys love the gal tey propose..natural!

weli t'ws different in the film tho :P

yehh..guys reject in arrange marriages :P or may be wen tey dun hav tos feelings for a gal...tey do make it clear...tats cos gals dun ted to flirt n propose many may be just one or two guys make n impressin n a gal :P

i'd too much to say :P
thnx for posting sumthng on which may ppl wud hav a lot to say :))

Tulika said...

Well.. It makes one think.

It would take much more than a read for this post. It raises a lot of question.

Dawn said...

People find different connections points with people. It could be because they are not able to connect with their wife or husband or so...but yes I have heard and seen many such relationships specially married people having it.
It's basically due to many other social aspects getting closer than your personal ...its an entry kind of you left the door open for them :)
Or...basically time has passed so much that everyone is taken for granted and hence the man or woman looks outside for a connection - sometimes they don't even look at it...but they find it knowingly or unknowingly..!
Nice topic I think very much to do with current.

Travelling Rants said...

well i am agree wit Tulika,
it surely force sone one to stop and thik..
nice post

Suresh Kumar said...

@ All

Prathima Bhat said...

Nice usage of quotes in the write up :)

Arjun said...

This woman has had a really tough time. It's tough to face rejection and even more so for a woman.

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