Saturday, May 1, 2010

We will not let you go!

Manya is asked by her senior Preetham to do a exit interview of Surendar. Manya is thrilled to do this pleasing task of asking a employee as to why he wants to become a ex employee. But her senior Preetham had given the task with the condition that she should involve some senior member. Manya did the unexpected and took the aged security guard with her. Preetham had failed to give the parameters that defined senior member.

Manya didn't take much time to come to the question, "Why do you want to leave this esteemed organization?" Surendar with a glee on his face replied, "I am planning to get married!" The security guard checked the application papers of Surendar and then answered the inquiring question of Manya, "I was just checking the gender. Usually girls come up with this answer na" Surendar with a blunt face retorted, "I am leaving because I want to be with my Girlfriend and she is in a far-off metro"

Manya like a HR executive tried to understand him, "But why do you want to leave your hometown?" Surendar replied in a filmy style, "When people in love are willing to leave this world for their dear ones, Why can't I leave my hometown?" and he also added, "This place doesn't provide opportunities for her to come up in her career" Manya couldn't digest the answer, "Mixing career with romance is like..." As she was searching for the words, the old security guard said, "Like water with whiskey"
But Surendar had his heart set on shifting the base, "But my boss wouldn't sit besides me when I am sick...I cannot take my finance head with me to the movies or the temple on the weekends... Its the family that comes first na." The security guard was laughing, "You are becoming too emotional! No one should take decisions by becoming emotional."

Surendar wanted to show some logical reasons, "She can't adjust to this hot weather and the beat of this small town." Manya answered that one quickly, "With global warming reaching every nook and corner of the world, no metro would be spared. And then coming to the beat... I think she would be more concerned with the beat of your heart rather than the beat of the town." The old man also commented, "Her town may keep her cool. But the real cool is in the mind. If you want to get your body cooled off, there are so many ways - Get an AC, Switch on the fans, Open the doors of refreigerator or still better ' ja kar nalli ke neeche beth ja'!!!"

But that hurt Surendar. Seeing it, the old man got serious and quoted, "A girl who cares for her guy like a child and a guy who respects the girl like his mom are the only kind of people whose love will be the purest and most sincere one." Manya smiled at that one and added her thoughts, "And it is difficult for a child to adjust to a new location... So the mom should come down here na"
That confused Surendar and he looked up to the two to help him out. So Manya did the unexpected. She opened the laptop and logged on the net. Surendar thought she was googling for the solution. But then she finished her online task and declared, "There! We should take the help of our colleagues not only in coding and decoding our programs, but also in decoding life's problems.I have mailed your predicament to all the company employees. They will help you out" That sentence made Surendar put both his hands on his head, "You made my love story public,you silly girl!!!" That's when Preetham entered and asked Surendar, "So any change in your decision" Surendar surprised everyone with the answer, "Yeah.. I thought of quitting after a month. Now I have decided to quit in a week"


Priya Joyce said...

lolzzz :P

first of all watevr manya wants to do the opposite happens..I wonder what she put her effort into to make him stay or quit as fast as possible :D

the best parts wer the selection of the senior..:P jo manya pe bhaari pad gaya at some places..
and yeh ROTFL @ the gender checking appl. of the old man :P

I guess if u wrote a book wth ur series...people wud reely love the emotion humour and the silliness of Manya :P

Divya said...

m hoping to do surender's act sooner...

so i cant appreciate ur blog for a change :D :D

kidding... nice one :)

Dr Roshan R said...

haha.. good one. loved it

Tulika said...

Well, I found this one quite serious and a deep psychological post.

Again a brilliant job!

Arjun said...

lolz.. It was really enjoyable :)

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