Saturday, September 11, 2010

Married Life - A Blissful One ?

That was the end of the weekend and as promised Prads had spent time with his young friend Swats. And wasn't he really tired giving company to a young girl in her shopping. Swats sweetly advised, "Had you married some nice girl, you would have had her welcoming you with a hot cup of coffee and a smile on her lips." Prads laughed at her advice, "Do you really think marriage is just a bed of roses that a husband after office directly goes to his wife's arms"
Then suddenly a car stopped in front of them and a known face waved at Prads and Prads and welcomed him into the car.It was Venkatesh, his old friend and a family man. Though Prads was not much interested to take the ride, Swats forced him in and so they thought they would reach home at the earliest.Aren't they going to be disappointed?

Venkatesh just requested that he needed to stop at a dress renting store for a krishna costume for his son. So they walked in to find a tailoring cum dress renting shop where a male tailor with just a bermuda welcomed them. Whatever variety of dresses he displayed, Venkatesh just had four words for him,'It is too long'. When the tailor asked the age of the baby, Venkatesh proudly said,"One and half years old'
Swats was surprised, "And you want to put him in a fancy dress competition?"
Venkatesh smiled, "Its socializing at the earliest." and he added , "You know lord Krishna killed Putini even before he was a week old!!!" That silenced Swats.
And they were out of there only after a good thirty minutes. Swats just noted down in her diary. When inquired by Prads, she slowly hissed, "First time I am seeing a man taking ample time for selecting a dress and that too for his one and half year old baby. Need to remember this day na!"

She thought the car would move to its destination without any further stops. Swats was proved wrong. The car stopped at a medical store and Venkatesh gave a simple explanation, "In this age, the working married girl has to take a lot of care of her health. And the spouse should be supportive."
Swats really found this husband supportive.He had even forgot the names of the medicines he had to buy for his wife.He gave a call and his supportive wife didn't even pick the call. Swats said, "Must be busy seeing some weekend serial. Wait till the advertisement break comes. She will call you back." As predicted, the return call came after ten minutes and the purchase of medicines and other necessities was made.

Then the vehicle moved at a higher speed and Swats asked a wrong question, "So how are you planning to spend the Sunday?" Venkatesh smiled once and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh God! I have a wedding to attend and I have not yet purchased the gift!!!" and he called his wife and asked him what the next day's bridegroom had presented them on their wedding. This all made Swats laugh, "It doesn't look like gifting. It looks like paying back..." The car had stopped at a gift center and again some more time for gift selection. Venkatesh couldn't just purchase the gift. He had to explain it to his dear wife and get her approval before the purchase is made.

After the purchase was made, and they had travelled some five minutes, Prads spoke, "You had purchased for your child, wife and for tomorrows bridegroom. Aren't you getting something for yourself." Suddenly the car halted not by choice of the driver but by itself and Venkatesh announced to their horror, "I had forgotten to put petrol in the vehicle. It was running on reserve till now...It was continuously warning me but I was occupied by other thoughts" and then he smiled and looking at both Prads and swats, "The petrol pump is just five minutes from here. If you both don't mind, can you?... I mean..."
And then Prads and Swats found them self pushing the car towards the petrol pump.
Prads sarcastically remarked to Swats, "Now say that thing once again about Married Life being blissful!!!"


Priya Joyce said...

marriage like every new thing is great in the frst few the pleasure of marryin someone you love is felt when u know that yeah the same magic , bliss ain't there but still love exists as the corner stone in everythng done...

swats is right i guess ;)

nands said...

I agree with Miss. Joyce. :)

AshwijaNaveen said...

ha ha..very nice..i too agree with Joyce.

Chandrika said...


New to ur blog... A very nice write up!
Living for someone you love and inturn if you get back the love from them..then thats really a bliss...

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