Saturday, September 18, 2010

Renouncing the world

Swats was looking for a change... no... not for a change in the weather or something.She wanted a new crush... She was tired of falling for cricketers and television stars. And she found a real one that Saturday evening in the temple as she saw a handsome young boy walking towards the shrine in a very traditional dress. Prads read her desires and announced, "That's Viran, he is doing his second year intermediate, a year younger to you..." and then he added with a smile on his face, "Age is just a number... Thodi upar ya thodi neeche...kee farak padega... come on, let me introduce this princess to him..."

Prads then called the young man by his name and inquired him in his lingo, "So! Whats up, dude?" and a unexpected answer came from young Viran, "I am renouncing this world and becoming a sanyasi..." Prads with a smile continued, "Just when I found a girl who was ready to renounce this world to become your dasi..." Swats didn't like the use of word dasi to describe her. She would have been happy with the word girl friend. But the answer from the young man was not in sync with his age or looks "I am tired of girls. Girls mean worries. If you don't have a girlfriend, You are worried. If you have a girlfriend, you are worried of losing her. If you have a silly girlfriend, you are worried of whether she would end up in making you a laughing stock. If you have a cute girlfriend, you would definitely be worried of someone stealing her from you..."
This angered Swats very much and she shouted, "Girls are not the hub of worries. They are source of inspirations. Any art form has not grown without being inspired by women... Movies, Dance, Plays..." Prads added, "And even Blogs"

Just then a sexy chic in a becoming dress came to the shrine and the head of young Viran swayed in that direction without his knowledge. Swats coughed a little and gave a naughty smile mocking at the young man's behavior. The young man with a divine smile corrected her, "Its not like what you think...I was just appreciating her beauty and not getting attracted by her beauty. I was looking at a God's creation. See... God is present in everything... even in girls. Some separate God from the girls and look at them with lustful eyes... I am not like them..." These words were not going to fool Swats and she sarcastically remarked, "You sure have all the traits of becoming a Godman. Presenting a vice as a virtue!!! Great going."

Then Prads questioned him, "Where do you plan to get your salvation? Some went to himalayas and came back with new thoughts and theories. Some went to Kashi believing that if a person dies there, he never returns back to planet earth. Some went to temple town udupi....Where are you going?" The young man smiled and said, "GOA.." Swats sarcastically commented to Prads, "At least I am meeting one person who knows that there is more to Goa then beaches..." Viran negated her beliefs, "I am going to the beaches itself... " and he added, "If in such a place, one can keep his poise and calm, he is sure to attain salvation.... "

Just then a loud voice reached the trio from far behind, "I will show you the path to salvation, you silly fool!!!" The young man turned in the direction of that loud voice and exclaimed, "Father!!!" The young man's father approached and explained Prads the situation, "This boy is hardly eighteen and he wants a Bajaj Pulsar Bike. Says It is better to lead a life of a ascetic then to have a college life without a bike." And turning to his son Viran, he warned, "I want you back at home by seven in the evening. Otherwise, from tomorrow onwards, I will stop your bus fare reimbursement also and you have to commute to the college in that jam packed auto rickshaw along with those school kids... " That really made tears flow down Viran's cheeks.
Swats felt sorry for the young man and consoled him, "If you wish, I can drop you to college daily...." and after a pause added, "in my Hero Honda pleasure...."


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha! poor viran ;)
it'd have been better for hm if he'd taken sanyas and gone to Goa ;)

these dys parents are becoming cleverer tey actually dun give a damn to our emotional blackmail methods :P

wel loved hw prads put it up and swats insulted hm ;)

the last line was vy funny as always ;)

nands said...

Ohhh Viran is welcome to Goa! :)
Co-incidently, in about less than 30 hours from now, 600+ Youths will be meditating there at one place! :)
And there is no need to renounce the world to meditate! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Anonymous
I don't believe I am a great writer :) Anyway you can get in touch with me at

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

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