Saturday, September 4, 2010

More on Prads

Swats seemed to be a bit disturbed. Being a journalism student, she wanted to excel in interviewing people. But her lecturer had ridiculed her saying she can't be a good interviewer, if she keeps giggling and laughing and showing her real emotions at regular intervals while interviewing people. Prads comforted her, "She doesn't know you that well. You are much better than Barkha dutt and others.Come on... go ahead and interview me...let me evaluate your skills"

Swats was on her foot with a imaginary mike and a tape and she shot her first question, "Whats your greatest desire?" Prads replied from his heart and without thinking twice, "To be a father of a child... that too a girl child..."
Swats couldn't control her laughter on hearing this desire.
Prads with a stern face reminded her, "Never ever laugh at others' dreams!"

Swats tried to put up a serious face. But all she could do was to stop the noise of her laughter from being heard. She was still laughing as she put another question, "What makes you want to have a girl child?"
Prads still very serious about his desire continued, "Whenever I see a little girl of age around four to ten, I feel like I am watching Goddess Devi herself.My hands come together by themselves and my mind feels like chanting 'Sarve maangala mangalya shive...'"

Swats laughed again aloud at the innocent replies, "Next time take the Aarthi and the bell also with you. You can offer immediate pooja also na..."
Prads said, "See! You fail again.. You shouldn't mock at someone's emotions"
Swats got serious and threw up another intelligent question, "So how do you feel when you see a young girl of around 23-24 years"

Prads said, "I went to meet a good friend in the big bad city sometime back... Whenever I remember her, I am not drawn back to that time... But some 18 years back... I remember her telling me about her adventures as a 6 year old and I imagine them in my mind whenever she pops up in my memory. She as a small girl running around her grandma's house whistling and inviting the wrath of the elders. She playing with precious stones which is used by her grandpa in his astrology profession and thus angering him. A girl playing in the field with her own set box of games and all alone..."
Swats stopped in the midway,"Oh... Oh... this is something quite different. But do you view every girl like this?"

Prads replied, "Generally the girls I know." Prads then guided her, "Now that you have got my interview, lets see how will you finish it"
Looking at the imaginary camera, Swats put an end to the show, "You have seen a special person today. I wont be surprised, if on the first night, his wife finds a decorated baby cradle rather than a flower spread cushion and her man saying, 'Baby! The cradle is specially for you!'"
This mischievous comment made Prads pick up a stick and chase Swats all around the place.


nands said...

Hehe! Swats nahi sudharegi!!!

Priya Joyce said...

waise all men all dads i mean want a daughter...
tey love daughters...:P
I mean suchaa sweet post :)
revovling arnd some old memories of preds' tat'll be wth hm forever :)

n awesome ending ;)

am juss visualizin it ;)

Arjun said...

Seems sometime before she can actually excel in the art :)

Prathi said...

good 1,..v.neat characters prads and swats....

Chandrika said...

Was wondering who on earth is this Prads!!
So.. had to read previous 2-3 posts to get a hold on the story...

And the common thing in all the posts i read was :
1) "Big bad city" -> I dont think big cities are always bad...
2) The reference to some girl whom the hero of this play has hurt badly and she seems to be promisingly not coming back and he doesnt want/know to convice..
3) The comical and young Swats...being the best company Prads has ever got..

By the way, i liked the name "Swasthee"...Just recalled a young girl swastee in Zee tv, a few months back in a dance show!! lol

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Nands..
She is better this way... :)

@ PJ

@ Arjun
Kisse jaldi hain :)

@ Prats

@ Chandrika
Welcome to my blog
I just didn't want to name any city so just told big bad city...
Prads definitely doesn't know to convince though he has tried and yes she doesn't want to come back...

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