Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Quest

Father of every teenager has worries and any parent wouldn't disagree with that statement. But this dad had strange worries - Last time around his son Viran had left home just because his father had refused to gift him a motorbike (read here). Now, the young fellow has joined the local mutt to do deep meditation searching for inner meanings and answers.
On the way the worried father met Pradhyumna and his two young friends Swasthee and Jeevitha. On hearing his plight, girls wanted to help him. They just loved the task of disturbing the penance of a youngster... and aren't they good in it

When they arrived, nd then they found the seventeen year old Viran in the mutt his eyes closed. Swats couldn't believe her eyes "With so many cute devotees around you, how can you keep your eyes closed.Un aankhonkee tauheen hain..."
A senior saint opened his eyes when he heard swats' sexy voice and slowly hissed, "when we are on to viagra he is into vairagya... kya kalyug hain?"
Viran answered her without even opening his eyes, "My mind is searching for answers...that google cant find for me..."

Swats found it amusing, "Like..what questions would be set for the coming answers?"
Viran smiled as he spoke very gracefully , "Its not on a micro level... its much bigger than that..."
Jeevs also had to make some witty comment, "Like which country would the united states attack next?"
Viran laughed, "You people are so hooked on to the tv world... Its got to do something spiritual..."
Prads couldn't believe it, "Like... Why we are born?... rather like why we are born as human?.. or to be specific... like why are we born as a males?"
The young man smiled, "I already have those answers.. Darwin, Adam and my biology teacher have helped me there... I am onto something bigger..."
The three waited with much breath to listen to him. And Viran opened his eyes and told his doubts,"Its like why we boys fall for girls head over heels?"

Swats and Jeevs coudn't control their laughter,"Eons may pass... you will never get the answer..."
The young man had deeper questions, "Why we boys run back into them even when they treat us as jerks? why?"
Prads was amazed at the boy's quest for answers.
And young man continued, "And we keep remembering them even when they have left us and married someone else and have a kid and not even give our name to that kid at least...why?
Swats and Jeevs looked at the changes in their dear friend Prads' face.They hoped Prads would say something to bring Viran outside...But the opposite happened as Prads announced,"I think you are right... Even I am a victim of this moha"... Turning to swats and jeevs, he said, "Girls... You carry forward without me..."
And saying that he took the seat next to Viran


Priya Joyce said...

LOlz I like that...

Let me tell you even we women think on similar lines many a times...guess what?
there should be a "mutt" for us also :P
Pretty confused we are :P

am just wondering will ur next post will be on prads' life in the mutt? :P

Brajmohan Kumar said...

I don't think anybody can help Viran and Prads. Swats and Jeevs are right...they will never get the right answer.
In fact, chances of not getting the answer is directly proportional to the thrust for answers.

Arjun said...

Lolz.. Menaka couldn't disturb the tapasya of the VIswamitra here!

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