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After 43 days,Pradyumna or prads as his friends call him, opened his eyes from the deep meditation. He had sat for meditation searching for answers along with his young friend viran.(read here) He felt that in the last 43 days, His India had suddenly changed a lot. He guessed it from his mobile forwards. Usually it was filled with lot of crude jokes or some so called inspirational quotes. But now it was just filled with anti corruption jokes and lots of support for a old man called Anna Hazare.

Prads was really thrilled and questioned himself, "Am I in india or have I entered a parallel universe?"
And then into the peaceful street a reporter entered. She introduced herself to the rolling camera, " I am Reporter Sharmistha from NBTV.."
Prads shook his head, "Another news channel has sprouted kya...?"
Viran, his young buddy replied, "NBTV... No Brains Television"

And the reported started her nonsense, "Let us see how the drama of anna hazare has affected India in the most remote places like this temple city"
And the spotlight turned to a worried parent purchasing a tricycle for his kid of six years,
"My son has seen anna hazare all over the television and decided to fast until we give him a tricycle"
The reporter questioned, "Now that must have ruined your budget for the month. What did you do? Went for some salary advance?"
The answer from the man left her surprised, "No! other parents from the neighbour hood contributed some funds... See! They wanted to stop this news from spreading to the entire neighborhood and other kids picking up the practice.So a fund was built and tricycle purchased. "

Moving ahead she found a young man in his thirties placing order for a four wheeler
When the camera got focused on him, he started speaking without waiting for the reporter to put forward the question,"We buy television to our wives so that they can watch those serials and keep their mouths shut for some hours... but now anna hazare has made them open their mouths and raise their demands and showed them ways to have it get done...agar meri biwi fast karegi tho mujhe bhi khane ko nahi milega...usa rokho... koi use rokho"
Prads looked at the reporter and her costume, "she may be covering the news very good... but the same can't be said about other things"

The reporter then caught hold of a young teenage girl who was weeping and washing the tears with her hanky,"The fasting by the old man is also affecting young teenage girls also..."
And the teenage girl said her sad story with sobs, "Today I had a date with a hottest hunk from a software company being friday night... and that too dinner at the JD's restaurant...but anna hazare called the young men of his country to support him and asked them to give some time from their weekend or take compensatory leave..guess my man decided to listen to a 70 year old man rather to a 18 year old girl..."

The reporter turned to the camera with the concluding remarks "See how the boys and girls are suffering in a small temple city because of a fasting of a old man in the distant capital city"
Prads too had to make a concluding comment, "Where do the NBTV recruit their reporters...? from some mental institution!!!"

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Joyce said...

hahahaha! I am sure they do recruit their reporters from a mental institution and the top recruit would be the one who's most mental :P


Welcome back
and Happy b'day :D

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