Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Chosen One

Pradhyumna or Prads was enjoying the quiet evening and trying to put his mind to some exercise with some chess game with Jeevitha or jeevs when suddenly Swasthee or swats burst in, "I am the Chosen One...", she declared with aplomb
Jeevs didn't like Swats disturbing her brainy session with Prads and she asked her "The Choen one... Don't tell me you have won five crores... you don't have that flashback that would bring tears to the viewers... you cant win it re..."

Swats was still excited, "No... Its not Big B who has made me the chosen one... Its the real Big One... God Almighty who has selected me as the Chosen one..."
Prads looked at her closely and said, "I was searching for dark circles around the know... signs of insomnia..."
Jeevs, "No way she can be deprived of sleep. She gets them during the classes...."
Swats shouted, "I am serious!!! He has selected me for a mission..."

Prads moved his queen and shouted checkmate and turning to swats and said lightheartedly, "and what could be the mission... get rid of corruption or make all boys say to their girls. 'Madam...I am your Adam'...."
Swats volunteered to make the chess move for Jeevs and said, "CHECKMATE.. and coming to my mission... it has nothing to do with corruption or boys... its about love... its about..."
Prads used his horse effectively and countered her move and with a deja vu feeling, "I am tired about love... or to say musically, 'not sure about love or life anymore'. So you are chosen to bring the hearts together???"

Swats allowed Jeeves to make the next move as she explained her mission more clearly, "No!!!... My mission is to break hearts... to separate couples..."
Both of them turned towards her with a certain feeling that this girl has gone mad and looked for a explanation
Swats smiled, "Dude's theory... I mean... Gods theory is like this... If best is to come from a man whether be it a poem or working for a social cause, that can be done only when he knows pain and the best form of pain comes from separation... so when he is separated from his dear ones, he will have that pain and in that pain he will do the soul search and he will realize me and the best will come out of him"
Jeevs laughed out loud as she removed Prads' queen and said to him, "She has not come from temple.. she came back from a theater" and turning to Swats, "Did your God look like Ranbir Kapoor..."

Swats got furious, "I don't have the appointment order or gadgets to prove that I am chosen one.. But don't you feel that this is a good mission... People in love tend to forget everything around them... the world needs someone to separate them... so god has selected one..."
Prads spoke out a bit harshly, "God has already made man vulnerable... You take a mans DNA and you will see that the brain or the looks or whatever physical or mental qualities or abilities he has got is from his ancestors... the only thing he can proud to be say 'belongs to me' is the ego...this ego is the one which always make him say something stupid something bad which can never be taken back...this ego would ultimately make him bring pain to others and to himself ultimately... its only a matter of time when he hurts his dear one.. Some do it within a year and some after a decade...So God interfering would be not necessary and God himself would be knowing that one"


Anonymous said...

Thats a really good one!:)

Priya Joyce said...

somehwere down the line this is the real suresh ...
the one i know...
ahmazing post...

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