Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Last New Year

Swasthee or Swats called Pradyumna or Prads, her senior friend exactly when the clock struck twelve times and wished him "Happy New Year"
Prads had gone to bed with a tinge of sadness and that was clear in the reply he gave" Every year has been the same to me... and I believe this year is gonna be no change"

Swats tried to cheer him up like any true friend would do, "This yr is gonna be different cos this yr is gonna be the end of all cute gals guys... I mean everyone ....on dec 21st 2012 the world ends... So live it to the best...."
That made Prads more sad, "Yeah!!! that makes matters more worse... I have not found any girl to hold hands and welcome death and say into his eyes, 'I am ready to meet my maker... Is he?" and he admonished Swats,"You called me in the middle of the night to make me sad and show how lonely I would be when death comes knocking on my door... A Big Thanks.." and he started weeping softly.
Swats had to calm him up before he woke up the entire neighbourhood, "You don't always need a lover to hold your hand romantically. When you are at the doorsteps of death it could be your bestieeeee who knows you in and out, who fools you everyday, and is with you in whatever you do....she cud be but he best person to jump off to death with..."

Prads failed to recognize the gender swats had used while refering to the besite, "all my best friends would be sitting in front of their tube with their wife stuffing eatables into their mouth and with their kids wetting their pants. And You know I have thrown my television off the balcony some years earlier... so what option have I got..."
While swats was making the phone call, jeevs or jeevitha, another of prad's very young friend, had already decided to give him a call... a personal call and she was successful in creeping into his room without his parent's knowledge. She was by his bedside and she whispered slowly into his ears, "Prads Dear! Happy new year!!!". Prads had a shock of his lifetime and he shouted like hell as if he had seen a ghost
and that woke up the entire neighborhood. Within minutes, his parents came to the scene and his father's eyes were red with anger on seeing a young girl in his unmarried son's bedroom

Prads said to swats over phone,"Your friend Jeevs is here. It seems my end is near
i don't have to wait till 21 december 2012... and seems I would be welcoming it hands in hand with a girl"
and he caught hold of jeevs hands and held it tightly... not out of love, but out of fear from seeing his fathers angry face


Priya Joyce said...

hahahahha this was bloody real :D

wasn't it? :P

btw even if he got married the conditions wudn't differ ;)
it'd be just the very same ;)
i mean DEATH :P


Ms. Capricious said...

Wow.. that made me ask for more, esp Prads:P First time here, and the title of the blog made me plunge straight into the story, you have one regular reader now :)

Prathima Bhat said...

Read all the pending posts today..... Nice story around Jeevs, Prads and Swats...

One suggestion: Since this story has started since an year, most of the readers can easily guess that Jeevs is Jeevitha and Swats is Swatee etc.... coz whats the point in keeping nick names when we need to tell their actual names too!!... may b u can avoid mentioning it in the upcoming posts ... I hope u will take it cool :)


Suresh Kumar said...

@ priya joyce
this was completely fictitious

@ capricious
welcome to the blog

@ Prathima Bhat
Nice to see you on the blog... have taken ur suggestion...keep reading...

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