Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love, Breakups and Zindagi

Swats was not making any sense of her state of being. She was hearing voices. She couldn't make out whether she was in a railway station or whether the voice was coming from a radio. In a way, she felt as if she was separated from this real world and she heard the voice say "When two People in Love Break up,They can't be Friends as they have Hurt Each other, They can't be Enemies as once they Loved Each other, ♥ The Only thing they can be, Are the Most Familiar Strangers..."
And then as it happens on DoorDarshan, First the audio, then the video... she saw the settings... It was a wedding... the bride and the groom were at the altar... She tried to see if she was there... "This couldn't be a dream... I am not asleep. If I was I would have been in the dream..."

Rather she saw her elderly friend Prads and her batchmate Jeevs. But they were quite distance apart.... He was at the Umpire's position and she was at the side empire's position...They had been assigned tasks... And Swats saw it written on a white sheet of paper. Swats felt the paper with both her hands as well as with her tongue.It was real and it read ,'There was a pair Sukrutha and Somesha who had separated recently. Jeevs is to approach Sukrutha and Prads is to approach Somesha and then instigate them to say something of their ex partners - to see how much they still have held on of their ex partners.' Swats got confused, "Who wrote this?" and she heard someone say "shhhhhhhhh. SILENCE!!!". She obeyed with fear and observed her friends play their parts

Jeevs tried to pick up a chat with Sukrutha. But before she could speak a word, Sukrutha who wore a becoming red saree remarked to Jeevs, "Look at the gentleman in black across the table... he is hitting at you..." Jeevs knew that a girl would be hit back more when her choice is insulted than herself, "Naa!!! He is not my type of guy.Look at his eyes!!!It looks like dracula has half eaten it. Look at his nose! Reminds me of those steep road curves we get when we cross the western ghat sections." That was enough to make Sukrutha frenzy
Thats when Prads came behind Somesha and casually started the converstion "Seems that the two ladies are having an argument over you... And to me, it looks Woman in red has the upper hand... You are a truly lucky guy!!!...Isn't she hot?"
Somesha remarked, "When a girl selects you, it doesn't mean you are lucky.It only means trials and tribulations has started... And I don't want to go for a re-trial with her....Yups! She is hot and I have burned my fingers already."
Prads gave a surprised look, "You Know her....Re-trial? You mean a girl with such a angel face broke your heart... I find it hard to believe?"

Jeevs on the other hand found Sukrutha praising the boy rather, "Why do you look at the external features? If you don't like his nose, get a synthetic one... Look at his heart...Look at his thinking..." Jeevs interrupted, "Looks like you are in a mood to dedicating a song to him... woh tho hain albela.. hazaaron mein akela..."
Sentimental that girls are, Sukrutha broke down. But she turned her face away to hide the tears...
Looking at her back turned to him, Somesha said with a disgust to Prads, "Look at her! She can't even stand my sight!!! When they first fall in love they say all those sweet nothings, 'I want you always in front of me... like the eyebrows... You should protect me'... And look now... we are like cinders fallen on their eyes and they just want to get rid of us..."
Prads was a man too and felt the same way as Somesha did and expressed his sympathy, "Gosh! It would be difficult for you to forget her... But I believe, the more you have the feelings of hatred for her, the more you are going to remember her and more you are gonna harm yourself..."

Jeevs on the other hand found Sukrutha to be actually at the receiving end of the breakup as it appeared from her story, "Boys!They say I am with you whatever you do.But after the excitement of the initial love drops,they start questioning you and they forget their own talks of space,freedom and independence and so on..."
Jeevs though agreed was not in a mood to be deep serious about it, "Gosh! Isn't it the duty of the pair to keep that love alive. Learn that from Ekta kapoor. Though her telly serials run for years, she sees to that people don't lose their interest in it..."

The mention of the word telly changed the entire settings and suddenly both of Swat's friends disappeared and there appeared Senior Bollywood Actress Rekha announcing, "Welcome back to Love.. break-ups... zindagi..." Swats was not sure yet of what was going on and asked herself, "Am I watching a tv reality show?" And Rekha spoke as if she was answering Swats' queries, "Every week we put our agents behind a couple who have separated and try to find out whether love has really died or have they murdered the love that could have lived a longer life... In today's episode we saw the girl saying the boy has betrayed her sincere emotions and the boy saying that the girl showed hatred and contempt for him... who is speaking the truth? can they still come together?"

That put Swats in a thinking mood when suddenly she heard Rekha say, "We will get a expert opinion on this.., we will now call Swasthee or Swats as she calls herself and know her esteemed views..." and Swats' mobile rang.Confused Swats was about to pick the phone when the invisible voice said, "No Mobiles allowed inside"
Even though she didn't pick the phone, she heard herself answer, "Both were lying... Sukrutha to Jeevs and Somesha to Prads... The ego of both of them made them separate from each other... Same ego didn't wish them to see their partner with another. Sukrutha presented a feeling that depicted as if she was betrayed and that somesha is a cheater. Somesha presented himself as being always hated by Sukrutha so that Prads couldn't imagine Sukrutha as someone good and respectable..."
Then Actress Rekha ended the show with great lines which she would have copied from some facebook status message "Love is supposed to dignify us.. exalt us... How can it be love, if all it does is make us say bad things or lie about our partners - ex or current.. Does love make one lonely and corrupt?"

Suddenly Swats heard the sound of bells.She thought it was the church bell.But it wasn't!!! It was the exam bells and she heard the voice which earlier said "shhh" and "no mobiles" say in a stern voice"Exams katham honeki ganti nahi sunai dethi kya? give me the paper..." And when Swats looked outside the exit door of the exam hall, She saw Jeevs waiting for her. And as she looked out of the left window, she saw Prads waiting below at the parking lot.And when her friends asked her, "How was the Paper?" She answered, "Was I giving a Paper? I wrote about a show called love breakup the way... what exams I had today?"
Moral of the story: Never study the whole previous night of the exams... Do get some sleep


Priya Joyce said...

Seems swats has a medical problem. :p
a brain tumour i supoz Lmao.
Any way ths was hilarious. She wrote a love story in an xam so bloody absentminded :p

Brajmohan Kumar said...

Man you gave me a dose of laufter or I can say "LAMO"fter before hitting the bed and seems the tummyfull of meal digested in a minute.
First, awesome story and then the "U" turn, the surprise factor of your posts.
Great read.
Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a good one!:)

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