Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Location

Swats was waiting for this opportunity since her birth. She had seen this place many a times on small and big screen. She wanted to be there and witness herself the atmosphere of the place. Today, Prads was taking her to that place. And she was thankful to her samsung mobile set for giving her opportunity though it was not with her to receive the greetings.
Her mobile set was stolen with the sim card still in it and to retrieve the old sim number, she had to file a complaint at the local Police station and she thanked God for giving her an opportunity to visit the police station.

The duty officer was a lady in her early thirties and she had a wrong-doer in front of her. A young man probably a college going student. As Swats and Prads were attended by a head constable, they watched the duty officer interrogate the suspect, "Are Gansham! What's this guy done! Raped a minor? Defrauded pension holder? Into drugs?" Swats immediately looked at the constable to see his answer and the answer made her smile a bit, "Madam! That young brat sends lewd messages to aunties.... ", The young guy got pissed off and he remarked sternly, "She doesn't look like a aunt to me at all..." and suddenly a thud sound came and Prads who had his head down unwilling to see the confrontation asked Swats, "What was that sound? I presume its not a gun shot?" Swats smiled, "That's the soft hands of the lady inspector landing on the smooth cheeks of that college going lad. That's what we call 'One Tight Slap'"

The duty officer started using all kinds of cussing words," She is your teacher and she is married and has a young boy. And you disturb her peaceful life by sending her messages at night hours.. You son of a bitch!!!" and then another thud sound and questioned him, "Why did you do that? And to whom all you are sending such messages.." The boy answered with a slow voice, "She failed me in the exams... " Prads was really shocked on hearing it, "Earlier, kids used to ruin their own life if they got failed in exams. Now they have started ruining the life of one's who have failed them. This is a dangerous trend" The Inspector restrained herself from hitting but didn't restrain from usage of further cussing words, "Whats wrong with you.. Why can't you study and pass... If you can't study go and work in garage... You silly punk! You ************"

Prads saw that Swats was observing the interrogation rather than writing her complainant, "Finish it off.. I have to go to the temple..." Swasts smiled, "Comon... God will not go anywhere... He will be seated in his own place.. This is great entertainment.... I can't miss this one... Her vocabulary reminds me of captain haddock from tintin comics." The inspector asked the constable to read out the message and the constable found it hard to read the message as it was a hindi message written in english and to swats delight, he handed the mobile to her to read. Swats read out loud, "Sony has a show, 'Bade achche laghte hain'... Now tell me madam, bade kisko achche nahi lagthe..." The constable tried to control his laughter at the joke and let out a inaudible, 'Thats true'. But the inspector now was really pissed off, "Bade kissko achche nahi laghta!!!!" she took her lathi and started beating him, "I will land 'bade bade' bruises on you whole skin that your parents will fail to recognize you and they wud say, 'This is not the child born to us...'"

The violent turn somewhat made Prads uncomfortable, "Isn't that a man-handling?" Swats enjoyed it, "No! That's the way woman handles things when she gets pissed off..." To Prad's delight, the constable came to the boy's rescue and suggested the inspector to summon the boy's parents. And to their shock, the boy feared his dad more than the inspector, "No! Not my dad... Please! Not my dad... I swear I will never do like this again..."

The constable looked at him "And why shouldn't we call your parents? Would he thrash you like a waste? Or would he remove you from the college"
The boy still weeping, "Worse than that I fear. He would take the mobile away from me..."
Now the inspector had turned into kali and the constable feared for the young boy's life. The Inspector took the mobile she had already taken into custody and smashed into the ground and then smothered it with her feet and then handed him the mobile along with the broken sim card, "Lo! Anthim samskar karlo iska..." Saying so she asked the constable to put him in lock-up till his parents come up. And then she walked out of the station

Swats handed over the two copies of the complaint to the constable and turning to the boy, she said, "If you want the same sim reactivated, you need to file a police complainant. That's what I learned today..."

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Priya Joyce said...

hahahaha! LMAO

Okayy okayy :P
kahani mei twist i had thot Prads lost his Sim :P
neways ;)
we got to learn something today :D agar Same number chiye toh complaint file karna padega :D

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