Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gita in the Exam Hall!

Preetham was at his wife's place for the weekend. He thought his pregnant wife would have been feeling quite lonely without him. But his wife had found a new friend... her new neighbor, a twelve old girl Riya. And his wife was narrating one of her tall tales to the short girl. Preetham sat along with the young girl Riya to listen to his wife's tales.

The story teller Seema began thus "It was the D-Day! I was sitting in the Examination Hall and the question paper for the MBA Entrance was distributed. I read all the questions once and then re read them again just to find out if there was at least one question for which I had the correct answer. But I was disappointed. For the next thirty minutes, I just sat there completely blank looking here and there. The girl in front of me seemed to have all the answers and was not giving any rest to her poor pen. I looked at my new Parker Pen with disappointment. With the disgusted feel, like that great warrior Arjun who laid down his bow Gandeevi in the Kurukshethra war field, I too put down my weapon my Parker Pen on the table...."
Preetham wanted to applaude his wife's ability to conjure such wondeful tales and lies. But he didn't want to attract her wrath upon him.

Seema continued, "Thats when I heard the divine voice, 'Karmanye Vadikarasthe Ma Phaleshu Kadachana'. I lifted my head away from the bloody question paper and saw Lord Krishna standing there in front of me. He was there - in the present day Kurukshethra - the exam hall. Like it happened in the original Mahabharatha, here too he had pressed the freeze button. The time had come to a full stop and all others in the exam hall had become inanimate and it was only me and Lord Krishna. Lord uttered again the golden words.' Do the Actions. Don't expect the results..... Write the answers. Don't expect the marks.....' I was totally confused by his suggestions. So I made myself clear to the Almighty, 'It doesn't matter if I get zero for the wrong answers. But the questions carry negative marks! I don't want to end up with negative marks, Lord Krishna!'
Preetham just hinted his wife to look towards the Pooja room as if to tell that Lord Krishna is also in the audience.

But Seema was not bothered, "Lord Krishna smiled as he continued his advices, 'You have to toil for what you achieve in life. It takes ages to master a disciple. Everything can't be learnt in one night... that too.... one night before the exams!' I thought the Lord was not understanding the intricacies of the modern day student's life and I briefed him up,'Oh God! Life as a student has changed... Earlier Gurukul was a one stop solution for the students and the curriculum was also simple, I believe. But now, its not the case. Now in the first week we have exams for the prestigious Chartered Accountancy course and in the third week, there is the entrance exams for the big business schools. I am trying to exit one course successfully and at the same trying to enter another course. Tell me God! How can I plan when I sit for so many exams'. "
Preetham feared that the way story was going, it was sure to corrupt the young girl who was listening with full ears.

Seema was making it more and more interesting, "Lord Krishna laughed at my remarks, 'First week CA exams and Third week CAT. But wasn't it you and your friends that I saw at the first day first show of your favorite star SRK's movie where he danced with dozen heroines.... And I presume that was in the second week of the month...' I was embarrased and Lord continued his preaching, 'In every sphere of life, planning is important. Like you planned for that movie very much in advance, whats the harm in planning for your studies well before time.'
I took the courage to answer him back, 'Planning! I don't believe in it. My other Lord Shah Rukh Khan had told me, 'Har pal yahaa jee bhar jiyo.... jo hei sama KAL HO NA HO.... So I just make the most of the moment available to me. ' It seems that the Lord had enough of me and he took my leave 'Hmm... Kal Yug.... I don't want to bore you further with my lectures. Otherwise you will give me a nickname like you gave to that lecturer from the coaching institution. When time comes, you will understand the worth of my words....."
Preetham proceeded to the kitchen to make some lemon juice for his sweet wife who was getting a bit tired from the storytelling..

Seema concluded,"'Saying so.... the lord vanished and the classroom was back into action.. The exams were over and I never did make it to the top business schools...."
Handing over the glass of lemon juice to his wife, Preetham gave the finishing touch to the story, " I think you acted a bit stupid. A wise man speaks less and acts more. When the time stood still and when the classroom was freezed, you should have snatched the answer paper of that brilliant girl in front of you and copied the answers. You failed to recognize the opportunity when it knocked on the door.... err.... I mean the table...."


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha...lolz...poor seema...well i second preetham that ws reely quite stupid of seems to stand there and listen to the lecture..rather than use the "opportunity" :P

hahah had a gud laugh..on this silly gal :P

Hopeless Romantic said...

hahaha...brilliant amalgamation of the old and the new aaj kal hahah

good one!


Meira said...

hahaha...opportunity missed...!

Meira said...

Hi. You've been awarded. At my blog.

Charmed One! said...

lols Suresh.. the conclusion part of the story was really good :) ..

Dhandal said...

:) the final out put is really well written.
and technically can u snatch the paper when the time has come to a stand still? :P
very well ended! Liked it! :)

JyotiAjay said...

enjoyed the post.

Arjun said...

As they say in Hindi....
Nakal mein bhi akal ki zaroorat hai!...

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
Silly gals r always the best ones :)

@ Amit

@ Meira
thanx for the award

@ Charmed One
Welcome back...

@ Ananditha
Technically also correct na. Bcoz Seema and Lord were not freezed na.

@ JyotiAjay
Ty... and keep coming...

@ Arjun..
Bilkul teek kahan apne...

Dhandal said...


But the paper was frozen na!! :P

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