Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whats in a name?

Seema always liked to read the newspaper on the breakfast table. She was not bothered about the headlines. She for the most time read Page 3, The day's predictions and also TV highlights. But that day waiting for her at the breakfast table was her sweet adorable young twelve year old neighbor Riya.
Riya had a story to tell. She wanted to match Seema in the latter's story telling skills. Seema was enjoying her cup of coffee and waiting for the breakfast to be served by her dear husband Preetham. So till then, she had ample amount of time for a small story

Riya started her story with a quote from Shakespeare, " 'Whats in a name' said Shakespeare. The heroine of the story thought the same. But some events in her life made her think otherwise. In this world, there are couples who seem to be same or alike in some way or the other. Either in their thinking or Either in their tastes or in some other manner. But very rarely you would find them same or alike in their names. Yes! The protagonist of my tale shared her name with the man in her life. Both went with the name Kiran!"
Seema kept her papers down and was now full ears, "Nice begining! Captured my attention!"

The young girl became more enthusiastic, "Kiran didn't realize that it was a problem, until she had sent some personal e-mail invitations to her dear friends, 'I cordially invite you on the occassion of my marriage with Kiran on the fourth of September at.......' One of her friends replied back, 'In this modern world, I had seen a guy marry another guy, a girl becoming interested in another girl. But you have crossed the limit. I understand you love yourself very much. But to the extent of marrying yourself...."
Seema couldn't control laughing at the young girl's imagination.
Riya continued, "She then changed the inivtation to the tradional style and rewrote the bridegroom's name as Chiranjivi Mr Kiran, BE, MS, Son Of and so on and so on"

Riya raised her voice so that Preetham could hear her story from the Kitchen, "They got married and went to the registrar to get the marriage certificate. The officer there congratulated them and was about to hand over the certificate. Then something caught his attention and he suddenly started apologizing to the couple, 'Extremely Sorry! The typist has grown old. We can't remove him. Try to understand. This is not like a private organisation.' The couple hardly understood what the officer was saying. When the typist came inside the chamber, the officer scolded him, 'What a costly mistake you had made, Old Man! You have typed the same name for the young bride as well as her bridegroom! I can remove you for this one!'.
Kiran... err the female Kiran came to the rescue of the old man and explained the situation to the officer The officer conrtolled his laughter and handed over the certificate to the lady and commented, 'Kiran... From now on you are Kiran Kiran'...."
Seema had to comment, "The single Kiran now becomes Kiran Sqaure"

Riya took the story still further, "The couple got married and had a baby boy some years later. The boy grew up and it was his first day at school. The mother was very excited. But her excitement was shattered as the boy came home with tears in his eyes. Mother was upset on hearing the embarassement that the young boy had to bear. The child gave a recap of the day's events at school,
--- 'In the school, teacher asked me 'What's your fathers name' and I said, 'Kiran' and then she asked me 'What's your mothers name' and I said, 'Kiran' The whole class laughed and teacher went on to explain me the difference between father and mother'
Riya came to the conclusion of the tale, "That's when Kiran decided she had to change the name. She couldn't subject her son to more embarrassments."

Preetham who was ready with the breakfast, came out of the kitchen, "At last she took the right decission. It was high time she changed her name. So what did she change her name to?"
But Riya's story had a twist as she explained it, "No!... No!....No! She didn't change her name.... She made her husband change his...."
Seema had a hearty laughter and loved the ending very much and also the expression on her husband's face on hearing the conclusion, "My Dear Hubby! Even your coffee lacks this kick da....."


Dhandal said...

"That's when Kiran decided she had to change the name. She couldn't subject her son to more embarrassments."
She should have thought of it in the very beginning. And just to save her child from embarrassment she decided to change one of their names? If she had no problems in the beginning then she should have just tried to explain the child. :)

But taking it with a pinch of a salt, the ending is indeed humorous. :)

Priya Joyce said...

hahahah lolz
i loved the gal's ending :P
i mean ur ending .always funny ..
poor husband..had to change he name..
how wise it sounded wen she said tat bt who knew the hubby is gotto pay for it :P

nice one ter :)

Meira said...

Kiran square! rofl!
She's smart, Kiran

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Anandita
I never thought from that angle... :)
I only had humor in mind

@ Priya
thanxs da...

@ Meira
Girls are smart and they just get better after they marry :) Am I wrong?

Charmed One! said...

Lols... Cute story... n a perfect twisted ending :)....

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