Monday, August 10, 2009

Love at the times of Swine Flu!

Seema was enjoying the drive, not because she was in control of the wheels. The reason was the ecstasy and the excitement on the face of the fellow passenger - her cousin Deepa. Deepa had got married last year to Ajay and immediately after the marriage had to bid her husband goodbye. He had a pending on-shore project to complete before his visa expired and thus was sent back to US of A. Now he is returning back to India and they were on their way to pick him up from the airport

At the airport lounge, she looked at each passenger's face as they came out with their baggages. All passengers had checked out but her husband was missing. On enquiring, a responsible officer told them, "He has been detained for a H1N1 check..."
Deepa was ignorant of the news that was making the headlines. She was not bothered about what was going on in the world and innocently asked, "H1N1? I have heard of H1B Visa.... What is this new visa H1N1...."
Seema dragged Deepa to the side and updated her of the new viral fever that had stuck terror in India. Suddenly fear gripped Deepa and she sat in one corner eagerly waiting for the results.

The officer returned sometime later with the news that Ajay need to be sent to a medical facility for more tests. Before Seema and Deepa could meet him, Ajay was already being moved to a medical facility nearby by the airport authority without informing his wife and Seema. The officer asked for forgiveness and accompanied them to the medical facility. On the way,the officer couldn't just sit tight lipped and had to make some comments, "I remember Nobel Laureate Josh Lederberg's quote, 'The microbe that felled one child in a distant continent yesterday can reach yours today and seed a global pandemic tomorrow.' But no one at the central hardly heed to any warning. They are not bothered whether we are attacked by deadly terrorists or deadly viruses"
Seema felt that the comment was a strong one but coming at a inopportune time. She was observing the nervous face of Deepa who hardly spoke a word since their departure from the airport. She answered the officer, "It would be better if you could save such comments for the press!"

They reached the medical facility and rushed towards the room where Ajay was being subjected to more tests. But the officer once again stopped them and told them it would be better if they wore some face masks.
Deepa looked at the face mask and angrily answered the officer, "You are making me feel as If I am visiting a mortuary!"
Seema was confused at the behavior of the officer. She felt that he was gripped with fear and nothing more. She didn't say anything but just put her arm across Deepa and slowly they moved ahead.

A doctor who was diagnosing Ajay had happy news for them, "Don't worry! Your husband's case was only a suspected case. Now the doubts are cleared. He is absolutely fine. You can take him with you!"
Deepa just rushed inside and embraced her husband in front of everyone, "I had been waiting for your return for a year. But the last two hours was like two decades for me."
When Ajay was silently erasing the tears from her eyes with his both hands, the officer expressed his fears, "Don't take me wrongly! These doctors have made some mistakes in their diagnosis earlier. Its better to take a second opinion!"
Seema gave him the face mask, "Its time you put on the mask and be silent!". Though she had silenced the officer, Seema too had her fears and she prayed to the God to make the officer's words not true.


Smi said...

oh my god,already she is in grief of being away of her husband ,hopefully she will take a second opinion about the fever..

hear of H1-B not H1N1 that was a good one.

And I am glad she is not accompanying him on some dependent visa to US with him.God bless her for this decision.

Hopeless Romantic said...

hah, dude u wont believe i was thinking of writing a story on swine flu, u beat me in the race :D

but this was a nice read,keep writing!


Priya Joyce said...

ahhhhhh..this ws very sad..i mean waiting for someone for yrs n then knowing tat he's affected..then again getting the good news..ahhh

and then agein fears of the husband.....emotions just fluctuate in this post..ahhh
u put it reely well specially the end part.the fears of the wife..


Meira said...

oh you've captured the panic quite well. I wish private hospitals were allowed to help patients on this too

JyotiAjay said...

This is a little bit different article about current situation.Interstng post.

Dhandal said...

the situation is quite bad with the panic created by the media. hope it get under control at the earliest.

the current situation was Quite well woven into the story.

Keshi said...

Love n Swine Flu is like meds and disease right? :)


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Smi
Hmm... H1B and H1N1 both are fear-invoking :)

@ Amit
I was waiting for your story.... Where is it, dude?

@ Priya
tension all the time

@ Meira
I think slowly the private hospitals are being given the permission

@ Jyothi

@ Ananditha
I tried my best... You do take care...

@ Keshi
Love is a medicine that cures the pain of any disease. But what if the pain is caused by love? (the question just popped up... nothing to do with the post....)

Keshi said...

**But what if the pain is caused by love?

Love doesnt cause Pain Suresh...People do.

hey u TC and ty so much for ur kind words in my blog. I will take a good break n come back perhaps :) So dun worry. Keep writing ur fantastic stories.

So long for now Suresh! Be good :)

Prathima Bhat said...

The media has made a big hype abt the face mask and the flu...

Even the usual cold or cough, creates panic among ppl suspecting it to b swine flu these days!!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
I will be waiting for your next post. Don't make it too long a wait.

@ Prathima
Yups rite! Last week, my parents fell ill and I was too scared and horrible thoughts used to attack my mind.

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