Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friendship Forever 1 - Lets End It!

When students gather together, they talk about everything under the sun except the studies. Then who does really talk about the courses?? Do the lecturers talk about them when they gather together ? Naa...They are also humans (some readers may doubt it) and talk like average minds do. And so did the Tall handsome lecturer from Swats class as he started the interesting conversation about Swats and Jeevs. The lecturers had gather for a seminar on 'How to make students concentrate on Studies'. The distracted tall lecturer spoke with excitement, "Gosh! Those two girls can pick up a fight over anything... and this time they did over a blog... And then they started throwing everything into the fight. Like the Pandavas dragged the poor Draupadi into the game of dice and had her nearly disrobed, so did these girls... I mean they dragged their elderly friend Prads and questioned him as to among them who was his best friend and he can say only one name... Think about his predicament."

A young lady who seemed more like a student than a lecturer seemed to be following the story more closely than the curriculum she was given, "Swats defense was that she knew Prads earlier and she was always with him when he needed her most. When a blind love for a girl which was unrequited made Prads miserable, it has her friendship that held out the umbrella. Jeevs though agreeing added that it was she who made him come back to the real self with her antics and shenanigans. Jeevs also uttered some golden lines in her support, 'Its not the amount of time you spent that's important. Its only 'how many heartbeats you are away' that matters...."

A senior teacher and the one who believed that its always the male who suffers remarked with a tinge of sadness, "Poor Prads! I can understand what his delicate brain may be going through. Now what's he gonna do....?"
A Peon entered the room to serve the lectures with tea and biscuits.To the delight of the gathered, he also served them with the latest news, "Prads had been to this top lawyer and explained his misery with words not matching his thoughts, 'I am torn between these two...err.... they r fighting over me...err... as to who should have me... You need to guide me' the lawyer completely misunderstood him, "Well... You mean your parents are separated and they are fighting for getting the legal custody of you!!! But you look like a major to me...' Prads made himself clear, "No! Its like in the movies... When two gangster friends separate and they try to gain control of the turf... Here the people involved are worse than gangsters... They are two teenage girls and my dear friends... and I am the turf... Can you help me ??? " The lawyer refused saying, "I am not a criminal lawyer."

The old lady with the spectacles though looked boring updated the gathering of what she knew about the story, "He then visited the Swamiji in our area...Swamiji offered him solutions for all kinds of problems - marital problems, female problems etc... And Prads explained his problem, 'Swamiji...Why is God doing this to me.. He has made my two good female friends fight among themselves over me... It makes me feel bad.... Because of me, these two girls are hurting each other... What should I be doing?... Margdarshan Kijiye guruji..." Swamiji boasted of himself, "Its not a new problem.. Vajpayee also had similar problems during his Political run... Jaya and Mamatha wanted him to listen to their demands.. But he listened to me and didn't his problems got solved?" Prads wasn't sure of how to answer it but listened intently to swamiji's instructions, "Take this powder... Mix it in their milk and give it to them and see their reactions..." Prads knew this was totally wrong, "I don't want some vasheekaran ideas, you old man... Give it to those silly politicians. Besides, these are not some milk drinking young girls... They belong to the Twilight era... They bay for the blood... "

When the gathering was discussing, the principal had entered and he broke the conversation in a terse voice, "Did he find any solution?" The peon answered, "It seems so! Depressed with the suggestions of swamiji and lawyer, he was returning home when he met with the drunkard. The drunkard though had lost his senses to the booze listened to the problem and answered, "Teri to waat lag gayi! You disappear from this world! That's the only solution" and then fell down crooning Delhi belly's song, "Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose"
The principal looked at the peon a bit puzzled. The peon said, "See the noticeboard and You will understand!"

To the surprise of the students, they found a flock of lecturers running towards the notice board. On the notice board was the letter from Prads addreesed to Swats and Jeevs,"Swats and Jevs..... I am disappearing from this world of yours...Anyway I have lots of earned leave to my credit. I would return only when both of you have reconciled... Don't try to find me... Try to find a way to end to your silly quarrels.. One of you need to say sorry to the other. Remember sorry doesn't mean asking for forgiveness. Its another way of saying, 'Can we save this without breaking up'. Your coming together is the only thing that's gonna make me come back in your lives... Till then... wish me happy holidays."


Priya Joyce said...

Happy holidays to Prads :'(
tes gals I tel u :p
sm frndshpz just dun tend to end.

Priya Joyce said...

We miss posts of this blog!!

Keshava Murthy said...

This is Keshava Murthy from "Round the clock stories". How to reach you by e-mail?

Suresh Kumar said...

U can mail me at

Anonymous said...

When someone writes an piece of writing he/she maintains the plan of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.
Therefore that's why this article is amazing. Thanks!

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